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STCM 421 : Advertising and Public Relations Audience: Home

Library resources for secondary data research, articles and media information.

Find Journal Articles

Trade & business magazines are great sources of information about products, brands, companies, ad campaigns, consumer behavior, spending trends, and more.  Use these databases to find articles on your topic.  

Search Tips:

  • search for simple keywords using 1 or 2 terms
  • too many results? add additional terms
  • too few results? try different terms

Advertising Journals


This guide was created to help strategic communications students conduct research for secondary data.  Use the tabs above to navigate to specific sections of the guide.  If you need in-depth assistance, I'd be happy to meet with you or your team for a consultation. 

Important Tips

This guide provides lists of specialized databases where you will find statistics, background, trends and more. 

Most offer more than one type of information.  For example, company databases may also include industry information. 

Remember to search for articles in trade and business journals.  Use the journal article search databases for this.

For best results search every database for your

  •  Company
  • Industry
  • Product
  • Service
  • Brand 

Find Books

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