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Ask A Librarian

First-Year Seminar Instructor's Guide: Home

This guide assists the instructors of WVUe 191 to incorporate library research.


This guide provides resources to help instructors of the First-Year Seminar courses incorporate library information.

What Should FYS Students Know?

FYS students will learn to think critically about the open Internet, library resources and how to evaluate websites in order to identify and use reliable and authoritative information sources in their academic work.

WVU FYS students will learn about the available expertise, resources, academic support services, and facilities of the University Libraries in order to succeed in their academic coursework. Specifically they should know --

1) the difference between the open internet and the library's subscription databases

2) how to evaluate websites and why it is important

3) how to log into the library computers and what else the library login is used for    

4) how to access the library’s databases 

5) how to find a fulltext article in at least one of the databases

6) how to look up a book and its call number

7) how to locate a book on the shelf

8) where the library is

9) ways to get help from librarians

10) how to access items professors put on reserve